May 17, 2013
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HID Kit Buying Guide


Buying an HID kit for your vehicle can be a tough decision with so many brands and options to choose from. Know exactly what the difference is between each HID component and what they do.  This HID Kit Buying Guide breaks down the different type of HID bulbs and HID ballast you can get for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for the most functional light output or simply looking to gain more blue in your light there is an HID kit for you!

HID Kit Buying Guide

Mar 14, 2013
Best HID Kit

Three Cheap Ways to Pimp Your Car

For some men, a car is more than just a ride. It’s a symbol of his personal style, and it reflects the time, attention and work you’re willing to put into your car in order to cruise around looking good. A customized, high-performance car is at once a sign of status, a conversation piece and a major advantage when you’re trying to impress a lady.


But we all know that really tricking out a ride is expensive – crazy expensive. You can easily spend more than the value of the car itself making modifications to improve performance or customize the appearance, and most of us just don’t have the cash for that.


So what can you do? Here are three of the least expensive, but highest impact upgrades you can make to your car.


1. HID lights. HID stands for high intensity discharge, but it translates to the single biggest lighting upgrade you can make on any car or truck. HID lamps use Xenon gas to create an intense blue-white light. It’s preferred in high end cars for a few reasons: it’s closer to daylight, which might make it more revealing and thus safer for the driver; and it’s far brighter than conventional headlamps, so it’s easier for people to see you coming. However, the real reason to install Xenon HID lights is because it immediately makes your car look like it’s worth $10,000 more than it really is. These lights grab eyes as you pull up to the club. You can pick up HID kits for than $200 and easily install them yourself.


2. Sports rims. There are a variety of sports rims available at all different price points. Sports rims look about a million times better than factory rims, and to many people they are the biggest flag that you’re investing in customizing and upgrading your car. However, more than looks, sports rims are also better for performance. They are typically wider and lighter than conventional rims, which improves acceleration and works better with your suspension system.


3. Bass. It would seem like adding a high-quality stereo and speaker system is an obvious way to trick out your car, but when you look at serious sound systems you might be blown away by the price tag. If you’re not ready to drop a few grand on your sound system, look into buying just a sub-woofer. Most factory speaker systems don’t have a sub-woofer, and it will instantly make your jams sound infinitely better.


Of course, HID kits, rims and sub woofers aren’t the only cost-effective ways to restyle your car. What other basic upgrades have a huge impact?

Jul 23, 2012
Best HID Kit

2012 Toyota Camry HID Kit Upgrade

Upgrading your 2012 Toyota Camry headlights with an HID kit is going to be one of the best upgrades you can do. Xenon lighting will provide you with approximately 3 times more light output than your standard halogen bulb. Don’t waste your time or money on performance halogen bulbs that promise you all types of ridiculous lighting upgrades. Spend your money on a plug+play HID kit that will enhance your vehicle’s lighting and improve your safety.

The 2012 camry projectors do a nice job providing a clean cut off so upgrading your low beams with an HID kit is not going to be a problem. These projector headlight matched with XenonDepot’s laser aligned HID bulbs will ensure optically correct beam patterns. Connecting the HID kit into your OEM wiring could not be easier! XenonDepot H11 HID kits will come with a proper H11 mating connector that will enable you to literally plug our system into your OEM wiring. You will not have to worry about cutting, splicing, or tapping anything into your OEM wiring. Lower grade HID kits often come with generic spade terminals that will require you to use electrical tape to secure the wiring.  Connecting The HID kits use true low draw ballasts meaning that you can safely power the ballasts from your OEM wiring without potentially damaging your wiring.
The 2012 Toyota Camry has auto headlights meaning that there are times that your headlights will turn on as the vehicle is starting. As a result, the OEM headlight harness experiences a drop in voltage as the car is starting. This is not an issue with halogen bulbs however it may be a problem with an HID systems that does not have a low enough starting draw.  The  Xtreme HID ballasts have a super low starting draw so this drop in voltage will not effect the ballast’s performance.
How do XenonDepot HID kits differ from other lower priced vendors selling HID kits???
XenonDepot HID kits use high quality digital AC ballasts (not DC ballasts). The HID bulbs are laser aligned and use genuine German made Philips anti-uv quartz glass. The kits come with a legitimate warranty that is handled directly through us. Our kits do not get drop shipped right from China like 99% of the other HID kits sold in the market. While this may not be a concern to you it certainly becomes an issue when you have to start paying for shipping should you require any sort of warranty replacement.  XenonDepot has been the number one rated HID kit since 2001.
Mar 15, 2012
Best HID Kit

Different Kinds of HID Conversion Kits

HID Kits Color

You may have heard about the HID conversion kit. It is a kit that  will allow you to have HID lights in your vehicle instead of the standard  halogen lights. It is true that the halogen lights are bright but the truth of  the matter is that they are not bright enough for most drivers and this prompted the need for brighter lights. It is because of this that HID  headlights were introduced. You know what HID lights are but do you know what  does it stand for? HID stands for High Intensity Discharge.

If you have decided to switch from halogen lights to HID lights then you must be looking for the alternatives that many be open to you in this regard. Prior  to doing anything, what you must do is to find out what you are looking for.  What do you need?

You will find two kinds of HID kits, make sure to select the right bulb fitment for your vehicle.

1. Bi-Xenon – When you get a dual beam HID conversion kit, you will be able  to use low beam as well as high beam.

2. Single beam – With this kind of HID conversion kit, you will only be able to use either low beam or  high beam.

One other thing that you have to consider is how you are going to install the HID kit. Will you be installing it by yourself? Most people install HID conversion kits themselves but make sure that you know how to install it properly. If  you are not sure whether or not you can install it properly then having it professionally installed is recommended.


Jul 11, 2011
Best HID Kit

HID Projector Retrofiting

Projector Retrofiting

What is needed to start my OEM HID projector retrofit?

1. OEM HID Projectors Lens
2. HID Conversion Kit (2 Ballasts, 2 HID Bulbs, Wiring Harness (Optional in some cases)
3. Much thought and preparation (extremely important that you plan everything)
4. Ingenuity and detailed planning

What safety precautions do i need to take when working on headlights?

Most headlights seem to be composed of a fiberglass compound, that can be extremely irritating when inhaled. If you cut or grind these headlights, the grainy texture of the plastic sill cause it to become a very fine dust that can agitate the throat and compromise your respiratory stem. Therefore, you can either use a paper mask that aids against fiber glass or toxic dust, or you can get a respirator that is much more costly but safer. Second, goggles are necessary to keep the tiny shards of glass off of your cornea. Third, wear garments that cover you skin and if you are extremely sensitive, wear gloves and a neck cover.

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Jul 7, 2011
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HID Kits and Halogen Bulbs

HID Bulbs

What is the difference between Xenon/HID Kit and conventional halogen systems?

HID Kits use different principles in the creation of light than halogen. HID bulbs contain a small capsule with a mixture of xenon gas and halide salts that aid in the creation of a powerful light source that is generally 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs use a filament that creates light from basic ohmic resistance across a filament. While halogen bulbs runs directly from the cars 12V system, HID bulbs require a ballast that can supply accurate high voltage.

What can I gain from having HID in low beams, compared to halogen?

Having HID bulbs in low beams is widely used. Having a slow turn on HID bulb in a low beam application is no downside. It is solved by having the low beams come on right after engine is started, and they cannot be turned off before you switch ignition off. In general, there are only advantages to HID Kits.

What can I gain from having HID in high beams in a traditional open reflector based system, compared to halogen?

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Jul 4, 2011
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Advantages of Projector Headlights

In the world of technology, the projector is not a new invention. Modern projector units have existed since the early 1920’s. They have existed as long as slides (still photos) and movies have been shown. The technology actually belongs to the AV (Audio/Visual) world, but arrived in the automotive industry in the early 1990’s.

What is a curved lens?
The term “curved lens” is used for simplicity. The optical name for it is “Plano convex”. One side is plano, the other is convex. Another commonly used name is ellipsoidal lens. It is also called a collector lens, because it collects light rays to a concentrated beam. They may seem very propitiatory, but if look around, you will find single, generic curved lenses in various sizes available. For example, sells 3″ Ellipsoidal lenses.

The automotive projector unit
The reflector gathers as much light as possible so that it passes above the cutoff shield and gets evenly spread out by the curved lens:

headlamp projector

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Jun 27, 2011
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What is DRL (Daytime Running Lights)?

What does DRL mean?
Daytime running lights. If a vehicle has DRL, the main intension is that as long as the engine is running, lights will come on automatically.

Where is DRL usage mandatory?
Canada and forty other countries under ECE regulations. Not required in the US, which means that some vehicles has and some don’t, which worsens the safety standpoint. ECE regulations also require parking and tail lights to be operational. Canada has not adapted that portion.

What are the pros of DRL usage?
Studies showing that collision rates decreases.
Oncoming traffic will see you better.

What are the cons of DRL usage?
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Jun 20, 2011
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Are HID Kits That Much Better?

This is probably the question that is asked the most- are xenon HID kits really superior to regular headlights or even projector headlights? And the answer is a resounding “YES.” This is not mere opinion. HID Kits have the ability to produce a level of illumination that is the equivalent of sunshine. In other words, up to five times brighter than halogen bulbs. It is awfully difficult to compete with that kind of power. Does this mean that you are currently traveling in an unsafe manner because you still have original halogen headlights? Not really. But it would be naive of anyone to assume that their level of driving safety isn’t dramatically increased with the use of a xenon HID kit.

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Jun 15, 2011
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HID Warm-Up Time and Ballasts

Why do HID Kits have a Warm-Up Time?

Like any gaseous discharge light source, HID lamps have special electrical requirements that must be supplied by a ballast. With HID sources, however, the ballast must be specifically designed for the wattage being used and at that a 35W is recommended for great results. In addition, HID Kits require a warm-up period to achieve full light output. Even a momentary loss of power can cause the system to re-strike and have to warm up again—a process that can take several seconds.

A lighting ballast is a piece of equipment required to control the starting and operating voltages of electrical gas discharge lights. Examples of gas discharge light sources include fluorescent and neon lights and high-intensity discharge (HID Kits). The term lighting ballast can refer to any component of the circuit intended to limit the flow of current through the light, from a single resistor to more complex devices.

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